Friday, January 6, 2017

Currently (1/5/2017 Version)

In the current climate, I think that regressing to The West Wing years is an entirely appropriate response.

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates: I'm actually listening to this right now; it's the first time in a long time I've listened to an audiobook. Yet, oddly, it works: so much of the time, we spend our time listening to other people talk just so that we can answer, and it's good that I am listening to an indictment of white people and white privilege without having someone to respond to and provide vain denials.

Courtesy of Amazon Prime, I've been exploring more of the music of Balmorhea. I first discovered (okay, was exposed to them) through Eldest about seven years ago, just before my wedding. I spent many hours scrapbooking my wedding preparations and listening to their music, and so there are some heavy associations there. I'm branching out a bit and listening to some of their other creations, so that in years to come, when I hear them, I won't be thinking of narcissistic men, wasted craft supplies, and sweltering summers, but instead, cold winters, a vague sense of limbo, and the never-ending curiosity of what comes next?

Living in a college town, being surrounded by all these fresh, young faces, not being the youngest person in the room, is a bit of a disconcerting thing, and more than once, I've turned a sharp eye at those age (sun? liver?) spots and fine lines that are crowding around my eyes. So I caved and got some of the good stuff: Estee Lauder products geared towards Advanced Night repair. Is it working? Probably not, but it IS giving me pimples, so perhaps the clock IS turning back on my face.

Fuzzy socks. It gets COLD at night, people, and finally, I have a reason to use them!

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