Tuesday, July 31, 2018

When In Doubt...

Is there anything better than a day off in which it's cool and grey and cloudy outside, and quiet and cozy inside? I didn't anticipate having a day off like that in the middle of the summer, but hey, this has been a pretty frickin weird summer, weather-wise, anyway. So if I CAN have a day off like that in the middle of July, I will happily take it.

I'm a little torn, actually--like I always do at this point in the summer, I've spent the last couple of weeks fantasizing about autumn and brilliantly-colored leaves and crisp days and cold nights and comfy sweaters and not sweating off makeup within 15 minutes of application. But I am also absolutely flabberghasted by how swiftly (mercilessly, even) = the summer is sailing past. In less than a month, my second and third side-hustle will recommence, and with my newish job occupying so much of my time and energy, I'm anticipating challenges that I didn't have last year. But since I am an optimist, these aren't challenges. These are opportunities. Exciting ones at that. And these opportunities will keep me busy and useful and occupied. And busy, did I mention busy?

So, as the summer starts winding down to its inevitable end, I am jotting down ideas for how I can streamline my schedule, batten down the hatches, clear the decks, and keep things running smoothly from August to December. I'm contemplating life hacks and basic self-care regimens and freeze-ahead meals and a simple once-a-day housecleaning routine, and jotting down ideas about how I can best support my reports at work during a time of transition. I'm looking forward to seeing my colleague-mentor-friend-boss from my second side-hustle, and trying to mentally prepare for teaching another semester of graduate students. It's exciting! It's exhausting! It's life!

It's going to involve discipline, and that's the thing that I lack. I can have my skin care regimen planned out, with all the attendant lotions and potions and cleansers; I can have my daily schedule jotted down in 15 minute increments; I can have a refrigerator full of food waiting to be cooked up or made into packed lunches. But if I don't want to put down that book that I'm reading, if I hit that snooze button another time, if I buy that bag of cheetos or give in to that craving for takeout...the dominos start to fall. I can't afford that this autumn.

Of course, whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, I try to fall back on my tried-and-true approach of "When in doubt, plan it out."  So that's what I am up to on this evening...contemplating my pile o' planners, and looking forward to figuring out how better to move through this life. The plans I make today may not hold up tomorrow, and my coping stategies may not either, but I still have to forge ahead into the coming months. Any pointers?

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